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Melvin / Kengo
Melvin (Kengo)
Occupation Legendary Robo Commander
Robo Of Choice Javelin (all appearances)
Commander License N/A
Resides Earth
Game Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Battle Revolution (as simulation)

Melvin (Kengo in Japan) is one of the Legendary Robo Commanders. Before the player fights his simulation in Custom Robo (GameCube), he proceeds to tell you a little about himself. He spent his life in a quest for power, and his ambition led to problems with his friends and younger brothers, Tsurugi and Yaiba. He eventually learned that it's not physical strength that makes one strong but rather intelligence. When you fight him, he uses a blue-colored Javelin which he calls the prince of the holosseum. He also appears in Custom Robo V2 but plays a larger role.

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