Mega Burst Gun
Range Short
Round(s) 3
Standard Damage 72
Sweet spot Close range
Illegal No
Description Repeatedly fires a short-range round that gradually increases in size. Use at close range.
Attack 5
Speed 1
Homing 2
Reload 4
Down 4
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 24
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 24
Air Description

The Mega Burst Gun sends out a slow, yet widening shot that traps the opponent at close range. If hit, the robo won't move, and will take the remaining shots. The illegal version is the Scythe Gun.


  • Use this weapon with large bombs and pods to totally overwhelm your opponent.
  • The Mega Burst is quite adept at countering close range weapons; if your opponent is closing in for a close range gun attack, fire just as he approaches to freeze him up and open his defense.


This is a close range gun; just stay away. If your opponent shoots and you're not hit, a major part of the screen will become flooded with the shots. You can launch anything powerful (even a charge) while the enemy thinks he's safe behind gunfire.

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