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Occupation Commander and Every Boy's Heartthrob
Robo Of Choice Earth
Commander License N/A
Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Mary is a character from Custom Robo Battle Revolution. She is a very flirtatious girl who always attempts to go on a date with anyone who she thinks is cute. She is VERY airheaded as her actions often cause great consequences. For example, she asked out BOTH Anthony and Thomas, which resulted in the two of them quarreling over who would take her out. This required the assistance of Steel Hearts (specifically Harry and the Hero) to break up the fight. Despite her lack of quick thinking, she is very attractive and instantly attracts male characters of her age. She uses this to her advantage as she promises the Hero several times to go out on a date with him if he lets her win (which he often accepts until Harry butts in).

Her robo of choice is Earth, an Aerial Beauty robo. The two of them share mannerisms and coloration.

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