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Magnum Gun
Range Short
Round(s) 1
Standard Damage 165
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires a powerful, short-range round. Fire at close range to maximize the firing power.
Attack 7
Speed 8
Homing 1
Reload 2
Down 10
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 165.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 165.00
Air Description

The Magnum Gun is one of the most popular close-range guns. It has slightly better homing, but less attack as compared to the Shotgun. The Magnum is very effective on the ground when used with a fast robo who is adept at dodging.


Since this is a close range weapon, use a robo with either a fast air-dash or fast ground speed.

Magnum vs. Shotgun

Though highly similar in power, range, and reload, most consider the Magnum Gun to be superior due to the shape of the shot. The Magnum's bullet shape allows for smoother hits than the Shotgun's pronged spikes.


Keep your distance. No matter how skilled you are in dodging, getting close to your foe will destroy you.


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