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Magma Ruins
Magma Ruins (BR)
Size Large
Shape Square
Illegal No
Description A stage surrounded by a ring of magma. Over time, the magma slowly melts the stage....
Cube Spots
Player 1 Player 2
Small cube
Medium cube
Large cube
Extra-large cube

Magma Ruins (called Magma Catastrophe in the N64 titles) is a that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. It is surrounded by Magma that rises as the battle progresses. As the Magma rises, there will be less room for players to maneuver around, resulting in heated (no pun intended) and intense battles. One tactic is to Charge into the opponent while their back is towards the magma, thus pushing them into the magma.

Custom Robo (N64)

In Custom Robo (N64), this Holosseum is used by Homra at the Dread Army Base. At this time, the stage was known as Magma Catastrophe.