Liv Trainer
Occupation Student
Robo Of Choice Ray
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Game Custom Robo Arena

Liv is the main character's support in Custom Robo Arena. She sports a pink and purple jacket and a baseball cap that is turned sideways. She can transfer mental energy from herself and to other people, but it drains her to exhaustion. She is also very amused by robo battles, but because of the robo Katana, who killed her father, her mental energy was disrupted, and she couldn't dive. Doctors say she was too traumatised to dive after the incident. Due to her ability to share mental energy she was used to be a power source for Hadron. But after beings used as a battery and Hadron was defeated she was able to dive again since Hadron filtered it out and forced he into a dive. She is the sister and former support of Eddy, who was the winner of the Great Robo Cup the year before the main character won. You can battle her in Grudge Matches mode after you beat everyone else. The robo she prefers to use is the original Ray. She has the bad habit of always being late for class. It is implied in one of her conversations with Hunter Fraser and when she hugs the player after defeating Serene that she may harbour feelings for the main character, evidenced by the way she furiously denies this accusation. Her name in the Japanese and Spanish versions of the game is Saki Yukimuro. In French, her name is Nina Kundalini