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Leon - Imgur
Model Burning Beast
Style Power
Size* 10 x 6 x 3
Cube size Large
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash once. Uses stealth while air-dashing to dodge enemy gun attacks.
Attack 105%
Defense 5
Endurance 5
Speed 4
Aerial 6
Air Dash
Speed 332 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 1
Type Attack
Action Slides backward before ramming straight ahead.
Speed 604 hm/s
Standard Damage 161
Effect Opponent sent away.
Ground Speed 103 hm/s
Jump Speed 220 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Leon is a Burning Beast robo that appears in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Power Style robo that is used by Solax.

How to obtainEdit


Leon's charge has invincibility frames during the last three quarters of the forward movement phase, so try to position yourself so any bomb or pod blasts and any gun rounds are canceled by the invulnerability.

Use the stealth dashes to stay on the move, and either approach or retreat.

Try using Ground Legs in order to lessen the lag that the stealth dash gives.

Ultimate Sniper
Creator: Mega_Rat
Robo Leon
Gun Sniper Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Diving Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Launch a bomb to one side and fire the gun on the other. The pods help hinder enemy ground movement.

Light vs Chaos
Creator: Silver493 (Strayed)
Robo Leon
Gun Meteor Fall Gun
Bomb Charge Bomb
Pod Diving Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Utter destruction against ground foes at mid range. Use all weapons in combinations then use charge for a quick attack or getaway.


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  • Leon is named after (and based on) the Lion.

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