Laser Ripple Gun
Range Short
Round(s) 5
Standard Damage 35
Sweet spot melee distance from the air
Illegal Yes
Description Fires a weak, short-ranged round that immobilizes foes for an extended period.
Attack 1
Speed 8
Homing 3
Reload 3
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round {{{grounddmg}}}
Ground Description {{{grounddescr}}}
Air Damage/Round {{{airdmg}}}
Air Description {{{airdescr}}}

This part is illegal.

The Laser Ripple Gun belongs to the illegal Ray II Dark set. It is unique and not a modified version of anything. The gun's physical appearance and abilities resembles the Stun Gun, but the shot it produces is very unique. The shot is extremely large and very fast, is not very strong, and its reload is terrible. Should be mainly used to buy time to follow up with strong attacks and combos. This gun is devastating on small stages.


If your opponent is hit with even one round of this gun they are stunned much longer then most if not all other parts. This will leave them vulnerable to any attack you choose. It is best to use your strongest Combo during this time. For example firing the Ripple gun and then launching your bomb immediately after, then retreat before impact and finish with the Cerberus Pod from a distance! This is probably the easiest and strongest combo of the Ray II Dark set.


This gun is a close range type so it is best to use medium-long range weapons and avoid any close encounters should your opponent be wielding this gun.

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