Javelin V2
Model Strike Vanisher
Style Normal (V2)
Normal (BR)
Speed (Arena)
Size* 8 x 4 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash three times (twice in Arena). Uses stealth while air-dashing to dodge enemy gun attacks.
Attack V2: 100%
BR: 100%
Arena: 100%
Defense V2: 6
BR: 3.0
Arena: 5
Endurance V2: 5
Arena: 5
Speed V2: 4
BR: 2.0
Arena: 5
Aerial V2: 4
BR: 2.0
Arena: 6
Air Dash
Speed 377 hm/s
Length Normal
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Can repeatedly charge straight toward its opponent from short range. There is no invincibility time.
Speed 287 hm/s
Standard Damage V2: 90
BR: 85 (stat is 1.0)
Arena: 98
Effect V2: Opponent sent away.
BR: Opponent is knocked down close to Javelin. Easy to combo with.
Arena: Opponent sent away.
Ground Speed 126 hm/s
Jump Speed 200 hm/s
Jump Distance 52.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Javelin is a Strike Vanisher type Robo that has appeared in Custom Robo V2, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. In most of his appearances, he has appeared as a Normal Style robo, but he did appear as a Speed Type robo in Arena. He is primarily used by Melvin in V2 and Battle Revolution, Paulie in Battle Revolution, and Terrax in Arena.

He has an upgraded version known as Javelin Mk II in Custom Robo GX.

How to obtainEdit


For his charge attack: when close to an opponent continue charging at him, since he can repeat it rapidly. Notice that Javelin's charge is one of the few charges where it is still vulnerable.

Creator: Sylar
Robo Javelin
Gun Mega Burst Gun
Bomb Acrobat Bomb
Pod Satellite Pod H
Legs Feather Legs
Spread the pods, use the bomb for height, then dash in and fire your gun. Finish with as many charges as possible.

Assault Vanisher
Creator: KC622
Robo Javelin
Gun Gatling Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb T
Pod Spider Pod
Legs Long Thrust Legs
Air dash often, stay mobile, and attack when you get close. Use weapons freely and don't let up. Get up quickly if knocked down and get moving again.