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Picture James
Model None
Style Other
Size* 12 x 8 x 12
Cube size Extra large
Classification Illegal
Description Can perform a direction-changing air-dash. Boasts powerful defense that repels enemies.
Defense 10
Endurance 10
Speed 1
Aerial 2
Air Dash
Speed 76 hm/s
Length 82.5 in
Type Sky Dash
Quantity 1
Type Evasion
Action Stationary ground spin.
Speed 14 hm/s
Standard Damage 209
Effect Opponent shot straight away.
Ground Speed 40 hm/s
Jump Speed 145 hm/s
Jump Distance 52.5 in
*currently measured in inches

This part is illegal.

The Jameson robo is first encountered as the penultimate boss of the Custom Robo V2 story mode; in which Jameson had visible legs. It also appears in a dream sequence at the beginning of Custom Robo Arena, where it gives you a hint of what to use against it when encountered truly in-game, as it is impossible to defeat in the dream.

It is encountered again at the Encephalon Isle lab, where it is possible to defeat. It can glide over lava, making it hard to defeat, along with the fact of its perfect defense and endurance rating. It is encountered after the main character opens the gate that leads to the lowest levels of the Encephalon Laboratory, and again in the same area when Dennis is fighting it. He soon loses afterward and you must fight it. It is possible to buy these parts in the Underground, where it is possible to obtain illegal parts, along with Hadron.


Jameson is perfect for "tanking"--that is, unloading a ferocious amount of power while sustaining low damage due to high defense. The biggest problem with Jameson (and the only one) is the mobility. This is the slowest robo ever. The ideal strategy to defeat it is the traditional hit & run. Additionally, the Jameson is incredibly vulnerable to the 3-way-gun due to its massive size and homing capabilities of the gun. Because it hovers, it is not effected by lava or acid in arenas, giving it an advantage in stages with these hazards.


Default Jameson
Creator: ---
Robo Jameson
Gun Amun Gun
Bomb Amun Bomb
Pod Amun Pod
Legs Amun Legs

Illegal Prime
Creator: Limxzero (variation)
Robo Jameson
Gun Kindjal Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Sling Pod
Legs High Jump Legs

Illegal Tank
Creator: Vlax
Robo Jameson
Gun Wyrm Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Hadron Pod
Legs Hadron Legs
Unleash the a ground shot from the Wyrm Gun at close range for massive damage. The Deva Bomb can be used to corner foes, while the Hadron Pod can be used to fight from a distance without becoming vulnerable.

Notable UsersEdit


  • Among all the custom robos featured in the series, even among the illegal models, Jameson is by far the largest.

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