This part is illegal.
Picture James
Model None
Style Other
Size* 12 x 8 x 12
Cube size Extra large
Classification Illegal
Description Can perform a direction-changing air-dash. Boasts powerful defense that repels enemies.
Attack V2: 100%
Arena: 95%
Defense V2: 10
Arena: 10
Endurance V2: 10
Arena: 10
Speed V2: 1
Arena: 1
Aerial V2: 1
Arena: 2
Air Dash
Speed 76 hm/s
Length 82.5 in
Type V2: VERY Slow Air Dash
Arena: Sky Dash
Quantity 1
Type Evasion
Action Stationary ground spin.
Speed 14 hm/s
Standard Damage 209
Effect Opponent shot straight away.
Ground Speed 40 hm/s
Jump Speed 145 hm/s
Jump Distance 52.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Jameson is an Illegal robo that appears in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena. It is a primarily autonomous robo that is noted for its ENORMOUS size. It doesn't belong to any model "family", but it is most similar to a Lightning Sky robo in Arena.

Jameson is first encountered as the penultimate boss of the Custom Robo V2 story mode. It is used by Rokudou, the leader of Goliath as a last ditch effort to stop the hero from defeating Goliath. However, unlike other commanders, Rokudou doesn't dive into Jameson due to an illness he has. Jameson is eventually defeated by the hero. Jameson later appears in the Grand Battles when Goliath escapes and is fought for a second time at the Goliath Base.

Jameson later appears in Custom Robo Arena. It first appears in a dream sequence at the beginning of the game. It is impossible to defeat as the fight ends early.

Two Jamesons are encountered at the Encephalon Isle lab (Greybaum's secret base) as Gatekeeper Systems that prevent intruders from progressing further in. The hero eventually defeats both autonomous robos. Jameson later appears in the Underground during the Grudge Matches.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo V2: Unobtainable.
  • Custom Robo Arena:
    • Japan: Visit a DS Download Station from December 28th, 2006 to late January, 2007 and download the patch. From there, you will receive a phone call. After answering it, visit the Underground and talk to one of the members there. He will give you Jameson and all of his parts.
    • Everywhere Else: Purchase from the Underground Parts Shop.


Jameson is perfect for "tanking"--that is, unloading a ferocious amount of power while sustaining low damage due to high defense. The biggest problems with Jameson is its mobility and size. This is the slowest robo ever, therefore it is almost impossible to dodge attacks effectively due to its slow speed and large frame. The ideal strategy to use it is stay on the move while firing off a constant stream of high power rounds, so use guns like the Kindjal Gun.

Creator: Noise
Robo Jameson
Gun Rokudou Gun
Bomb Rokudou Bomb
Pod Rokudou Pod
Legs Rokudou Legs
This is the set that is used by Jameson in both of his appearances in Custom Robo V2. It's a very tanky set, so you want to have a very long ranged set in order to avoid getting hit. Try Javelin with a Needle Gun for the best results.

Gatekeeper System J (Amun)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Jameson
Gun Amun Gun
Bomb Amun Bomb
Pod Amun Pod
Legs Amun Legs
Defeating Jameson should be done with a hit and run strategy. Additionally, the Jameson is incredibly vulnerable to the 3-Way Gun due to its massive size and homing capabilities of the gun. Because it hovers, it is not affected by lava or acid in arenas, giving it an advantage in stages with these hazards.

Illegal Prime
Creator: Limxzero (variation)
Robo Jameson
Gun Kindjal Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Sling Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Keep on firing the Kindjal gun and launch the Deva Bomb in order to deal massive damage. The Sling Pod will also keep the opponent moving due to the pods flying above them.

Illegal Tank
Creator: Vlax
Robo Jameson
Gun Wyrm Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Hadron Pod
Legs Hadron Legs
Unleash the a ground shot from the Wyrm Gun at close range for massive damage. The Deva Bomb can be used to corner foes, while the Hadron Pod can be used to fight from a distance without becoming vulnerable.



  • Among all the Custom Robos featured in the series, even among the illegal models, Jameson is by far the largest.
    • He is also by far the slowest.
  • He alongside Dark Chimera and Rising Chimera was one of the few unplayable robos in his debut game.
    • However, he became playable in Custom Robo Arena, leaving Dark Chimera and Rising Chimera as the only two unplayable robos in the series.
  • In Custom Robo V2, Jameson had an air dash similar to a Lightning Sky. However, he couldn't fire his gun while dashing, so it's more comparable to a slow moving Metal Grappler's Air Dash.
    • In addition, the Lightning Sky model series didn't exist yet.
  • Jameson appears with AIRS as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • Its description is as follows: "Highly illegal modified robos. The Jameson is based on the Lightning Sky. It and the A.I.R.S., a high-end Ray machine, can transform into fighter jets. The A.I.R.S. was developed for military use and thus cannot be used by all commanders. Both of these robos were available via DS Download Stations in Japan."

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