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Hornet Gun
Range Medium
Round(s) 5
Standard Damage 123
Sweet spot Point Blank
Illegal No
Description Fires 5 hornet-shaped homing rounds. Stay close to your enemy due to the limited shooting range.
Attack 6
Speed 3
Homing 6
Reload 3
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 24.60
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 22.60
Air Description Commonly 4 rounds.

The Hornet Gun is a gun that appears in all of the games in the Custom Robo series except for Custom Robo GX. In said game, this gun is replaced with the Hornet Buster.

Its rounds spread out and track down the target. However, the Hornets are somewhat slow, so speedy robos can run away pretty easily.


The Hornet Gun is useful for pressuring your opponent in mid-range combat. There are 5 Hornets that home on the opponent. The main problem with this gun is that this gun can be avoided by jumping over it as the hornets cannot rise easily. So, opponents with great aerial mobility (or mobility in general) will have an easy time avoiding this gun. To counteract this problem, use bombs and pods to block off escape routes.

Another neat trick is to fire this gun point blank. All 5 Hornets will hit at once, dealing massive damage. The opponent will likely be downed after this shot (unless if they're a very sturdy robo like Rahu III or Jameson).


Keep moving away and use walls to your advantage. If you are trapped in a corner, try jumping over the rounds (an Air Dash might help as well). The Hornets cannot rise quickly, so quick lateral movements will definitely help. If you have a gun that can down the opponent easily, try firing it as soon as you get an opening and hope for a System Overload.

How to Obtain


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