Homing Star Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 5
Standard Damage 92-93 (2 rounds)
Sweet spot ground-shot at long range can allow all 5 rounds to hit
Illegal No
Description Fire away from enemy.
Attack 5
Speed 7
Homing 6
Reload 2
Down 4
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 46.25
Ground Description Rounds break vertically.
Air Damage/Round 57.00
Air Description Rounds break horizontally.

The Homing Star Gun (Multiple Gun in Japan) is adept at homing in on nearly any type of opponent. Good use of the air shot which flies horizontally and the normal shot which flies vertically can easily bring down opponents. This gun is fairly useless at close-to-mid-range, however. So, try using a long ranged set with this gun.


Jump up to fire one or two missile bunches, and land to shoot a ground shot. The enemy may be caught off guard. Try to use this weapon unexpectedly. Focus on bomb and pod attacks for general gunfire-dodging ease. Also, stay at long-range, but slower ground-based robos can be stopped with ground shots. At the range of about half a holoseum, you can land the shot exactly when it splits for massive damage.


With practice, Homing Star rounds are easy to dodge. Simply jump as the rounds near your position, and if the enemy fires off another salvo, it should go above your head as you land. Use the period of time between the rounds to carefully fire your own fast gun or bomb.


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