Hero's rival. Custom Robo is originally had no interest in, we also started to emerge conspicuously and started watching his hero Custom Robo. But Tsukkendon and personality, in terms of its conflict with the hero and secretly harbor a crush on Yurie. The percentage of short years. Also "V2" Gekitou Hen "Battle! Battle Square" over the right to date with Yurie with "V2" Yurie will compete primarily in relation to both the hero and Tsurugi. In addition, subjects like hobbies and Yurie, and showcased their knowledge of her, such as display name of the net, "V2", such as shadow crept into dating Yurie and hero action that has been bleeding stalking and gradually. Shining fighter aircraft of the type used Sol (the first, V2) / Sol Mk-II (GX).

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