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" For the love of Linda. I, Harry of Steel Hearts, will be your undoing! "

Harry Render
Occupation Bounty Hunter for Steel Hearts
Robo Of Choice Glory
Commander License Class D (Formerly)

Class S (Currently)

Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Harry is one of the Bounty Hunters at Steel Hearts in Custom Robo (GameCube). Along with being a fellow Bounty Hunter, he's also known for explaining the basics of using Custom Robos.

Harry commands the Shining Fighter model Glory.


From the dialogue between him and Mira it can be said that he became a bounty hunter to differ from his sister, as she was a member of the police squad. He joined Steel Hearts as the second-ever employee. Later on Harry grew tired of being the new guy and wished for someone that he could boss around. It is here that "A New Journey" begins.

Battle Encounters

First Battle

Training Gym
Stage Diamond Fences
Robo Glory
Gun Gatling Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb P
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs Standard Legs

Second Battle

Backroom Battle Tournament
Stage Checkmate Foundry
Robo Glory
Gun Vertical Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb S
Pod Cockroach Pod H
Legs Short Thrust Legs

Third Battle

Steel Hearts Cup
Stage Checkmate Foundry
Robo Glory
Gun Twin Fang Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb G
Pod Caboose Pod C
Legs Stabilizer Legs

Fourth Battle

Mira's Battle Party
Stage Checkmate Foundry
Robo Glory
Gun Right Arc Gun
Bomb Standard Bomb K
Pod Caboose Pod T
Legs Stabilizer Legs

Fifth Battle

Gold Single Battle
Stage Sudden Death
Robo Glory
Gun Flare Gun
Bomb Tomahawk Bomb G
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs Stabilizer Legs


Harry is a kind-hearted person who loves to enjoy life. His attitude throughout the story can be characterized as laid back. As the de facto leader of the group he attempts to lead the group in his ideas he sees as the best course of action. Though often these plans are either on the spot or fueled by his own wish to be in the spotlight (an example would be him going through the researchers supplies or asking his teammates to let him claim first place in a tournament). Along with this most of his plans can be viewed as head first without thinking of the repercussions. However, as one of his main roles is to give the Hero instructions on robos and battle strategies, he can be highly intelligent when the occasion arises.

In the beginning of the game Harry expresses only wishing to do the bare minimum as finds that as satisfactory. When encouraged by Marcia to take a higher license exam, he states that Class D (the lowest possible) would be just fine as long as he's a bounty hunter. Also during his sister's constant urging of joining the police squad, he claims a desire to not study and never wanting to work for his sister. After obtaining a Class-S License Harry seems to undergo a type of change. He's found to be deep in thought about the threat of Rahu and the outside world, comprehending what's at stake. However, this attitude doesn't last long as he returns to his old self after Rahu and Z are defeated.

Harry's loyalty to his team is second to none and he never shies away from a fight for his friends. Even when faced with the choice of returning to the outside world, he states that he return not because of a sense of justice, but because his friends needed him. Even his bickering with Ernest is only a ruse, as Harry shows a mutual caring for his employer, crying when the latter states he wishes to see them all return safely from their assignment with the Police Squad.

Harry's Achilles heel is his main obsession of flirting with women. This is played on as comic relief entirely throughout the game. He attempts to flirt numerous times, mostly when he is expected to be working. Even Marcia takes note of his behavior, jokingly referring to him as a "sleaze". He even comes up with schemes in an attempt to be closer to the targets of his affection. These are scene on occasion when during the story he uses flattery and charm to get on Sophie's good side. During another conversation in the Grand Battles it's revealed that he was able to successfully convince Trish that Custom Robos are a great way to lose weight and offers to "train" her. He is also seen to flirt with Sophie (though she hardly takes notice to his methods), and Linda (who regards him as having quite the "silver tongue"). The epitome of this behavior is seen during the first trip to the Outside World where he attempts to grope Marcia yet quickly blames the Hero (though this was blatantly unsuccessful). Along with this, Harry exhibits extreme jealousy and shock whenever a female's attention is focused toward another male

When concerning anger Harry wears his heart on his sleeve. He harbors a deep disliking for the leader of Dark Blue, Evil, due to his insults towards Steel Hearts and seems to have developed a type of leadership rivalry with him. The constant mockery he faces with Evil often urges him to the point of picking an actual fight. Harry also has shown to be able to anger Evil as well, often purposefully ignoring him while he brags highly of himself, much to his annoyance. Harry also shares some type masculine competition with Mira's teammate Roy, taunting him when he gets the best of him and often arguing with each other. Concerning the entire Force overall, Harry contains the stereotypical attitude of Bounty Hunters and Police Squad disliking each other. He's even outright declared that they take no interest in smaller cases and ignore the law when regular people need it. This may be the real reason as to why Harry refuses to join the police squad. Also to note are his spouts of frustration, even shouting curse words when he believed Marcia was not "facing reality" and pleading with her brother to assist her. Harry also harbors enormous resentment to public referring to Bounty Hunters referred to as a "bottom feeder", outright shouting at anyone who makes this statement.

Harry has large confidence in his own abilities and will even brag to the opponent when he believes he's bested them or when victory is assured. However, throughout the entirety of the game Harry exhibits a type of superiority complex, as despite losing multiple times to the Protagonist, he continually shrugs it off as if he was "letting him win". Even when his Robo becomes empowered by Rahu's energy and he begins the outright declaring his victory he states he was taking it easy, as it would keep his confidence up.



  • Several of Harry's Portraits have been altered from the Japanese version of Battle Revolution. They (and their American counterparts) will be denoted by their region.