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" For the love of Linda. I, Harry of Steel Hearts, will be your undoing! "


Harry is one of the Bounty Hunters at Steel Hearts in Custom Robo (GameCube). Originally, he just wants to boss the hero around, but eventually becomes a trustworth ally. His hobby is meeting cute girls, leading him into trouble. He is the one who teaches the player the basic ins-and-outs of custom robos. Harry commands the Shining Fighter robo Glory.

Character HistoryEdit

Little is known about Harry and his sister Mira's past. It is assumed that he became a bounty hunter to rebel agaisnt his sister, as she was a member of the police squad. He was the second commander to join Steel Hearts as an employee (the first being Marcia). It was a unknown amount of time before the Hero comes to look for a job, starting the story.


-Harry is first fought during your first trip to the gym.

-He is next battled at Bogey's, during the Shiner incident

-He participates in the Steel Hearts battle cup during "The Grand Battle".

-Harry will then be encountered at his own house during his sister's battle tournament.

-The final battle with Harry is during the Gold Single Battle, where he is the final opponent of the game.

Personality Edit

Harry is a kind hearted person who likes to enjoy life. One of his main roles is to give the Hero short instructions on robos and battle strategies, showing him to be highly intelligent in when the occasion arises. Despite this his attitude is that of a relaxed nature. His main obsession is to flirt with many girls in an attempt to get their numbers. He attempts this with Shirley,Sophie,and Trish when he's suppose to be working. Often sending the Hero away so he can flirt with the female of the moment.He dislikes the leader of Dark Blue, Evil due to his insults towards Steel Hearts and seems to develop a type of leadership rivalry with him. Evil's constant mockery of Steel Hearts always angers him to the point trying to pick a fight. Harry also dislikes the Police Squad (mainly Captain Mira's teammate Roy) and declares that they don't truly look after the citizens as they're sworn to do. This may be the true reason as to why Harry refuses to join the police squad.

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