Hadron Pod
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type Wave
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 1
Illegal Yes
Description An illegally enhanced Wave Pod. Explodes after launch. Blast travels farther.
Attack 4
Speed 6
Homing 4
Size 4
Time 7
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

This part is illegal.

The Hadron Pod belongs to the illegal Hadron set. It is a modified version of the Wave Pod. The pod's actual size is incredibly small, giving the appearance that its user causes the explosions out of nothing. The blast travels further than the Wave Pod, but there is significant vulnerability immediately after deployment.


Use this part like you would a gun or a dash. It's almost always a good idea to use this with a Lightning Sky model, since you aren't so vulnerable during the air dash, but be careful not to fly into the blast.


There's a bit of a wind up time when this is used, so keeping your distance should give you enough time to get out of the way.

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