Hadron Gun
Range Short
Round(s) 3
Standard Damage
Sweet spot
Illegal Yes
Description An illegally modified knuckle gun. Fires 3 continuous shots with long range.
Attack 9
Speed 8
Homing 3
Reload 2
Down 9
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 65
Ground Description Knocks opponents back
Air Damage/Round 69
Air Description Knocks opponents upwards

This part is illegal.

The Hadron Gun belongs to the illegal Hadron set. It is a modifed Knuckle Gun that can shoot up to 3 rounds which dissipate rapidly. It has very high attack, and speed, but the range is barely medium. Also, there is great vulnerability just prior to firing this weapon.


Its power and speed draws comparisons to the Sniper Gun, though much less versatile. Use is generally discouraged.


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