Hadron Bomb
Range {{{range}}}
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage 107
Maximum Deployment 1
Default Position {{{position}}}
Illegal Yes
Description An illegally enhanced Direct Bomb with fewer rounds but enhanced power.
Attack 8
Speed 5
Size 6
Time 6
Down 6
Firing Detail
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Air Damage/Round {{{airdmg}}}
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This part is illegal.

The Hadron Bomb belongs to the illegal Hadron set. It is a modified version of the Direct Bomb. It only fires one bomb. Slow, but it's attack power is quite high. The military ARS-B02 Bomb is much more popular among experienced commanders because it covers three times the ground, although it's a bit weaker. Be careful when firing the bomb as it has a large recoil leaving you very vulnerable.



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