Gravity Gun
Range Medium
Round(s) 1
Standard Damage 172 (2 shots)
Sweet spot
Illegal No
Description Use it against aerial foes.
Attack 6
Speed 6
Homing 4
Reload 5
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 24.00
Ground Description Sends you up.
Air Damage/Round 148.00
Air Description The shot inflicts high damage and brings you back to the ground.

The Gravity Gun forms dark, spherical blasts which pause in the air. It is very useful against jumping and flying foes, including but not limited to Big Boy, Aerial Beauty and Lightning Sky robos. Quick-jumping and dashing robos can be greatly hindered as well.


  • Fire one or multiple air shots above the opponent and then a ground shot to send it into the floating air shot(s) for high damage.
  • On uneven stages, gain the lower ground and fire quick air shots to create a barrier of shots separating you from your enemy or heavily damaging him.


For aerial/jumping robos, concentrate your efforts on keeping the enemy at long-ranges. Be advised that this is probably a losing battle. For ground robos, watch out for the fast ground shot which will send you up and possibly into those deadly air shots.

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