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Model Burning Beast
Style Power
Size* Large
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description To be added....
Attack 105%
Defense 7
Endurance 5
Speed 2
Aerial 8
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Stealth Dash
Quantity 1
Type Evasion
Action Chest Pound
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 120
Effect To be added....
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Gorion is a Burning Beast robo that only appears in Custom Robo V2. It is a Power Style robo that is used by Caesar the Monkey.

How to obtainEdit


Gorion is THE best Burning Beast robo in V2 due to it gaining both Attack AND Defense in exchange for losing its already slow Speed stat. As such, it completely outclasses Tricerion and Dolphy.

As like other Burning Beast robos, focus more on how to support your gun as opposed to how to support Gorion as Burning Beast robos are easy to use in most long range and short range sets. Be sure to use legs like the Ground Legs in order to create less landing lag for Gorion.

Gorion's Charge Attack has NO range whatsoever, so use it as either a combo extender or a tool to nullify gun-fire.


To be added....


  • Gorion is named after (and based on) the Gorilla.

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