Glider Gun
Range Long
Round(s) 2
Standard Damage 148
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires two [bird-shaped] rounds.
Attack 4
Speed 4
Homing 9
Reload 5
Down 4
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 36.50
Ground Description Rounds fly and pause.
Air Damage/Round 74.00
Air Description Rounds home in from sides.

The Glider Gun combines long-range homing and reload to destroy flying enemies.


This gun is most effective when used at an angle between 10 and 45 degrees above the enemy. Lower, the rounds are likely to hit an obstacle. Higher, the rounds are likely to nosedive into the ground.

When you fire this gun on the ground, you fire two bird-shaped gliders straight at the enemy, providing a direct hit. This is useful for countering close-range ground attacks and charges. However, when fired from the air, the rounds flank the opponent, and home very well. If they miss, they can still loop around, follow the opponent and hit. Use the Glider Gun with robos which can attack from on high.


Avoiding the aerial rounds can be a hassle when they are spammed. There are 3 effective ways of dodging these rounds:

  1. Use the wide jump legs or a robo with a continuous jump and jump to your left or right as far as you can.
  2. Air-dash forward or continuous jump forward then jump left or right when the rounds turn then drift using the "box" movement.
  3. Stay at close range either above or underneath your foe.

Straight-on charging through the converging rounds can sometimes work, but is not recommended due to the major vulnerability afterward.


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