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Gigantron Turbo / Dodecane Turbo
Dodecane Turbo Pose
Model Big Boy
Style Normal
Size* Large
Classification Legal
Description Marv's Dedicated Robo. Its long air dash is able to go through walls and is easily controllable, but it is slow.
Attack 5
Defense 6
Endurance 7
Speed 5
Air Dash
Speed Slow
Length Long
Type Controllable Air Dash that can go through walls

Gigantron Turbo (Dodecane Turbo in Japan) is a Big Boy robo that only appears in Custom Robo GX. It is a Normal Style robo that is primarily used by Marv.

It is an upgraded version of Gigantron / Dodecane from the N64 games.

How to ObtainEdit

  • Custom Robo GX: Complete one of the following:


To be added....


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  • Gigantron's name roughly means "Giant Particle". This ties in with the Japanese naming convention of Big Boys (chemical compounds).
  • Dodecane (its Japanese name) is a Hydrocarbon. Its chemical make-up is C12H26, making it a "big" particle.
  • Turbo refers to a Turbocharger. Essentially, Turbochargers force air through the combustion chamber in order to improve efficiency.
    • Essentially, Gigantron Turbo / Dodecane Turbo is more efficient than its prior model.
  • Gigantron Turbo / Dodecane Turbo heavily resembles Marv.

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