Gemini Bomb P
Range Long
Blast Type P
Standard Damage 53
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position On top of enemy.
Illegal No
Description Fires a split bomb with P-type blast.
Attack 4
Speed 5
Size 3
Time 7
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 53
Ground Description Targets sides.
Air Damage/Round 53
Air Description Targets front and rear.

Similar to the Gemini Bomb B, the Gemini Bomb P has a smaller blast radius, but a higher blast, ensuring good blocking possiblities on stages with many obstacles.


Trap enemy with the ground shot, and fire your gun or pod. Use the air shot to accompany side-flanking pods or guns.


Watch how the bombs are fire; an aerial shot requires sideways movement, while a ground shot requires movement forward or backward.


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