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Gatling Gun
ME0000415417 2
Range Medium
Round(s) 8
Standard Damage 96
Sweet spot
Illegal No
Description Fires multiple small rounds straight ahead. Stay close to the enemy for better shots.
Attack 4
Speed 7
Homing 2
Reload 3
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 12.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 12.00
Air Description

The Gatling Gun is a Gun that appears in every Custom Robo game (barring Custom Robo GX, where it is replaced with the Gatling Cannon). It is noted for being able to fire a stream of shots towards the opponents.

Though the Gatling Gun produces a very high rate of fire, its rounds lack any true homing or power. It remains a popular weapon choice to new commanders, but typically is replaced by more powerful weapons as they become available.


  • Use it at close-to mid-range on opponents who stay close to the ground.
  • The use of stunning bombs and pods will help pin the opponent down for some shots.


  • Move around the enemy in a circle, and settle in for attack once the Gatling rounds end.

How to obtain


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