Gatling Cannon
Gatling Cannon
Classification Legal
Attack 4
Speed 3
Homing 2
Reload 2
Down 3
Alpha Shot Fires a barrage of shots towards the opponent.
Beta Shot Fires a barrage of wall ignoring shots towards the opponent. More restricted movement.

The Gatling Cannon is a gun that appears in Custom Robo GX. It is essentially the upgrade to the Gatling Gun from the 3D titles. The major differences between the Gatling Gun and the Gatling Cannon is that you can move freely while firing the Gatling Cannon and the fact that the Gatling Cannon has an Alpha Shot and a Beta Shot.

The Alpha Shot behaves similarly to the Gatling Gun from the other games. A stream of shots are fired towards the opponent. However, unlike in the 3D titles, the user of the Gatling Gun has free movement while firing the Alpha Shot.

The Beta Shot is similar to the Alpha shot. It trades mobility in order to gain the ability to fire shots through walls. Other than that, the two shot types are identical to each other.

The combination of these two shot types makes the Gatling Cannon a very versatile weapon throughout the game.


  • If using the Alpha shot, stay mobile to avoid enemy fire.
  • The Alpha Shot is also useful when the opponent is close to you.
  • Use the Beta Shot when hiding behind walls. Setting up some support in the form of bombs and subweapons will greatly benefit this shot type.


  • Stay mobile at all cost.
  • Hide behind a wall if the opponent is using the Alpha shot.
  • Fire a Bomb while staying mobile if the opponent is using the Beta Shot.

How to Obtain

The Gatling Cannon is given to you by Hikomaro for being a valued customer of Lambda Ltd. In addition, more can be obtained from Lady P's Lab by completing the Garapon Challenge.


Custom Robo GX - Gun Parts - Gatling Cannon00:50

Custom Robo GX - Gun Parts - Gatling Cannon

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