Gamefaqs is a website. It was bought by CNET, and is the home of the only CRA community left. Many of them edit here on this wiki, though in the past year, several players have left CRA and the number of players is dwindling.

Back in mid/late 2007, there was a fierce rivalry between NSider and Gamefaqs. Later on, NSider was shut down and several members moved to Gamefaqs. Fast-foward to today and the community is almost dead, but because of the rather easygoing atmosphere, it is close-knit.

Gamefaqs member-base is small, only consisting of 10 or less. It is not a competitive community, and is actually rather newbie friendly. All the members are helpful, easygoing and not elitist like many other communities.

If you have been looking for a community, GFaqs is probably the place for you. Every other site is dead, and all the member on GFaqs are knowledgeable on CRA, and are never to busy to help a new player.

Anyway, GF is the driving force behind the life of CRA wifi.

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