Freeze Bomb
Custom Robo BR Freeze Bomb
Range Medium
Blast Type Other: Freeze
Standard Damage 9
Maximum Deployment 1
Default Position Directly in front of the enemy.
Illegal No
Description Travels in an arc toward target. Capable of immobilizing your foe.
Attack 1
Speed 5
Size 3
Time 7
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 9
Ground Description Flies in a quick arc.
Air Damage/Round 9
Air Description Flies in a shallow arc.

The Freeze Bomb fires a tall column of blue blast rings. You can launch it forward and if it hits your opponent it "freezes" him, immobilizing him for a few seconds. The illegal version is the Indigo Bomb.


Placement is key when using this bomb. The bomb's arc is fairly steep, so it takes about two seconds at mid-range to detonate. Use your gun and pods to force your foe to move in one direction then fire your bomb a few steps away from where they are escaping. Then move in with a combo.

Players unfamiliar with this weapon tend to jump ahead after firing the bomb. This is a mistake that more often than not results in freezing oneself for a free enemy shot/combo.


The explosion is rather small, and the bomb moves slow, but a skilled commander can still hit with it. The maximum deployment is only 1, so just watch where it's fired, then move in with an attack of your own.

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