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Model Old-Timer
Style Speed
Size* 7 x 3 x 2
Cube size To be determined....
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash 6 times as it ascends. Can fly high, but it's extremely slow on ground.
Attack 100%
Defense 4
Endurance 3
Speed 1
Aerial 10
Air Dash
Speed 192 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 6
Type Attack
Action Floats just above ground and homes in on enemy.
Speed To be determined....
Standard Damage 191
Effect Opponent bumped up.
Ground Speed 53 hm/s
Jump Speed 186 hm/s
Jump Distance 82.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Fogey is an Old-Timer robo that only appears in Custom Robo Arena. It is a Speed Style robo that is primarily used by NPC characters.

How to obtainEdit


Using Fogey is not a disadvantage, but a great advantage (if you know what you are doing and can control such aerial robos). Their stats are lower than other robo groups like Big Boys and Shining Fighters, but no other legal robo has comparable aerial statistics as the Fogey. Fogey, for example, can air-dash 6 times, and is exceptional with dodging and the use of homing-type guns. Use a pod and bomb and fire it at your opponent. Then, fire your gun at them to block all of their paths, causing a knockdown. You can also use Fogey to your advantage by jumping above the opponent, getting a nice view of the holosseum, and forcing the opponent to look up.

Spam Man
Creator: Limxzero
Robo Fogey
Gun Eagle Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb C
Pod Trio Pod H
Legs High Jump Legs
Self explanatory: jump up high and spam like crazy. Keep distance.

Creator: Sylar
Robo Fogey
Gun 3-Way Gun
Bomb Wall Bomb
Pod Speed Pod P
Legs Long Thrust Legs
Gain height and distance with the airdashes, but make sure to keep at least two still usable. Fire a pod, as they stall in the air, then spam the gun. The pod will fly forwards after a period, and wall. The bomb is useful if the enemy makes it through the pod.


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