Float Pod F
Range Long
Blast Type F
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 1
Illegal No
Description Flies toward target and circles overhead. Deploys slowly, so aim carefully.
Attack 3
Speed 4
Homing 7
Size 2
Time 5
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Float Pod F flies high and circles around your opponent without immediately attacking. In Custom Robo (GameCube), two pods can be deployed instead of the one in Custom Robo Arena.


This pod may work against air-based opponents. If your opponent jumps often, it is very likely that he'll get hit by this weapon. If your opponent gets hit, it blows him sideways. Tricky to use because of the slow deployment and mandatory precision in aiming.


This pod is very easy to dodge, if only one is fired simply keep moving. If two pods are fired air-dash or run when the pods leave a gap to open areas.

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