A filibuster or stall refers to when you play defensively, causing a time out. This is accomplished by using up the whole 180 seconds of battle time to outlast, rather than knockout, the other robo. Stalling is especially useful when your opponent is using a direct counter to your set. The method has a very simple premise, but it is often very difficult to pull off because it relies solely on evasive skills.

It is also possible to create a semi defensive and offensive sets combined with your evasive skills to create a hit and run set. Although similar to a vet's play style which involves all skills, it's only difference is that you fight more evasively and only fire when your foe is vulnerable then wait until they make another mistake. Usually used with fast robos.

How To UseEdit

  • Simply either fire no weapons, or fire weapons very minimally.
  • Hide behind walls, wait for them to approach, then run to another wall.
  • Weaving. Generally used with a Little Raider or Little Sprinter, it abuses lag slightly, letting you appear to warp as you move, making it almost impossible to hit.
  • Long-ranging. Use robos such as Seal Kid or Luna to repeatedly move out of danger. Fly out of range, land behind a wall, use weapons to keep the enemy far away, and repeat.
  • Get your cube up first, and inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy before retreating and continuing to filibuster.
  • Attempt to lead the opposing robo into his own bombs and pods. This should be done very subtly and cautiously.
  • Optional: some commanders choose to filibuster for the most part of a battle, then go all out on attack in the last 5-10 seconds, sometimes in conjunction with a Soulboost.

How To CounterEdit

The best thing to do is filibuster back. Simply follow the above techniques, turn the match into a dodge fest, and hope the other guy makes a mistake.

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