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Evil (Normal)
Occupation Bounty Hunter & Leader of Dark Blue
Robo Of Choice Juggler
Commander License N/A
Resides Dome City
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Evil is the "arch-nemesis" and leader of Dark Blue, a bounty hunter team in Custom Robo (GameCube). He has a huge ego, so whenever he loses a battle, he pretends to have planned it that way. He seems to be no major threat until his intentions of joining the Z Syndicate are made known to the Steel Hearts. Curiously in the Grand Battle it is revealed that he was able to retain his memories, which makes him the only antagonist in the game that wasn't dealt with.

Evil commands the Juggler, a Trick Flyer robo that greatly resembles him.

He is also known for his trademark laugh, which is the following:

Evil's Laugh