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Isabella (Normal) (Flip for Eliza)
Occupation High Member of Z Syndicate (Formerly)
Actress that plays the "role" of Eliza (after Memory Wipe)
Robo Of Choice Athena
Commander License N/A
Resides Outer World
Game Custom Robo Battle Revolution

Eliza is one of the Z Syndicate leaders in Custom Robo (GameCube). When the Z Boss died, control of the Z Syndicate was split between her and Oboro. Like her twin sister Isabella, she uses the robo Athena.

During the Grand Battles, it is revealed that her memory was wiped thanks to the device located inside the Hero's watch. Ironically, she believes that she is an actress that is "playing the role" of Eliza and that her twin sister is playing the role of Isabella.



  • Followers of her faction wear uniforms that focus more on fashion than stealth.
  • Despite being twins with Isabella, it seems as though she has more of an influence over her faction than Isabella.
  • The main way to tell the difference between the two sisters (as both share the same portraits) is to see which hand holds the fan. Eliza holds her fan in her left hand.
  • She has a tattoo of the letter "Z" on her arm and on her back.

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