Dual Bomb C
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type C
Standard Damage 42
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position One bomb in front and one behind enemy position.
Illegal No
Description Travels in an arc and explodes twice. Explodes in front of and behind your foe.
Attack 3
Speed 5
Size 3
Time 5
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 42
Ground Description Flies at a medium speed, in a low arc.
Air Damage/Round 32
Air Description Flies straight forward.

The Dual Bomb C is like the Dual Bomb, but instead its blast sends opponents slowly up. Better for combos which use aerial-type pods.


Use in the same way as the Dual Bomb, but take advantage of the C type explosion to activate combos.


Move sideways to avoid hitting the explosions, as running into one could allow the enemy to knock off several hundred HP.

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