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Dragon Gun
ME0000415416 2
Range Long
Round(s) 1
Standard Damage 148
Sweet spot {{{sweetspot}}}
Illegal No
Description Fires one dragon-shaped round that zeroes in on foes. Stay on your guard after firing.
Attack 7
Speed 3
Homing 7
Reload 2
Down 8
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 148.00
Ground Description
Air Damage/Round 136.00
Air Description

The Dragon Gun is a powerful legal gun. It has precise homing capabilities and fires long range rounds that distinctively roar like a dragon when fired. The illegal versions of this weapon are the Homra Gun & Wyrm Gun.

The gun is known for its very distinctive look and sound. It is, however, a relatively low-tier gun due to its long reload and low speed.


This gun is very powerful, but it takes a long time to reload, and the rounds are terribly slow. Make sure to stay alert and on your guard so that you don't get hit by enemy fire while you're reloading.


A good way to defend against this powerhouse of a gun is to make precise air dashes. Don't try to dodge it's fire in a direct manner as it is a very difficult strategy to execute properly. Instead, try to sneak to the sides for more efficiency and protection.


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