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Your Doppelganger also known as your "Dark Self" is a character in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena.

In the latter, he is first encountered during the Grudge Match portion of the game. After 12 Grudge Match opponents are defeated, he will appear in front of the Numero Uno clubhouse. He then turns into Liv and many of the other characters, as well as himself. He will then challenge you to a custom robo battle. When he is beat, he will explain his history, give you Majel along with the Indigo part set, and a Dark Commander Mark which will allow you access to the Underground. He is next encountered in the Underground and will battle you if you have defeated Hadron's battle data. Upon victory he will give you Ray II Dark and its default set. His last words are: "Your passion for this what you"

Although his attitude gives off a sort of sinister vibe, he does not seem to be evil. He simply seeks to experience human emotion. Most of all, love.


A scientist by the name of "Professor Robo" had been experimenting with holosseums and created a holographic opponent. This would become the Doppelganger. The being eventually accessed a computer and downloaded all of the world's commander data. This gave him the ability to shapeshift into any commander he chose. He was most interested in the main character's data and chose to maintain a shadowy version of him. In-game, he wears the same clothes as the hero, but with a darker color scheme.