Diving Pod
Range Short, Medium, Long
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage
Maximum Deployment 2
Illegal No
Description Homes in on its target and descends. Its strong homing is good for blocking your foe.
Attack 3
Speed 5
Homing 5
Size 5
Time 6
Firing Detail
Ground Dmg/Round
Ground Description
Air Dmg/Round
Air Description

The Diving Pod is an immensely popular pod which roams around floating above the ground. If your opponent gets close it will dive straight at him. Due to its strong homing ability, it generally works well even if the user does not aim. Useful in a variety of different situations like when there are many walls in the stage. The illegal version is the Sling Pod.


The Diving Pod can be easily well-used by almost any commander as long as they always keep two pods deployed in a fairly spaced out fashion.

Deploy to the sides if your gun fires straight forward, or send them straight ahead if your gun fires to the side.

The pods have good homing, but poor damage output, so make sure you have a strong attack ready when they hit the enemy.

Use on Parthenon Square to greatly limit ground paths is often favored.


To defend, keep on the move, so the pods can't gain speed. You can also close in on your opponent so that if the pods explode, they'll hit him as well.

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