Direct Bomb
Range Medium, Long
Blast Type Standard
Standard Damage 96, 2 hits.
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position Always exact enemy position.
Illegal No
Description Since it always flies toward your foe, it can also be used like a gun.
Attack 4
Speed 5
Size 5
Time 5
Down 3
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 96
Ground Description Two bombs fly straight forward.
Air Damage/Round 96
Air Description Same as ground.

The Direct Bomb is the sole legal bomb that does not follow the traditional ideas of a bomb. It cannot be used for blocking, but only for direct attack as its bombing reticule is permanently fixed on the opponent. In this sense, it acts more like a gun. However, the Direct Bomb is generally not a useful part. Its upgraded variants are the Hadron Bomb and the ARS-B02 Bomb.


Can be used to stop advances, or as an extra hit on a combo.


Because it can't be fired anwhere but straight forward, just stay on the move.

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