Delta Bomb
Range Short
Blast Type Other
Standard Damage 40 for one hit, 120 for 3.
Maximum Deployment 3
Default Position Midway between you and the opponent.
Illegal No
Description Traps target by launching 3 bombs to the left, right, and front.
Attack 3
Speed 7
Size 2
Time 5
Down 2
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 40-120
Ground Description Flies in a low, fast arc straight forward. First bomb lands first.
Air Damage/Round 28-84
Air Description Flies slightly slower than the ground shot. Bombs land less staggered.

The Delta Bomb fires three small blasts in a triangle-formation at close-range to surround your enemy. If it hits, the enemy may be "bounced" between these three blasts. The illegal versions are the Amun Bomb and the Treble Bomb.

The bomb's name comes from the Greek alphabet letter which is shaped as a triangle.


This bomb can be really difficult to use or easy to use. It's best to use this bomb to halt a ground foe's movement and force them around the blasts. To make full use of it though you must use your pods to block the back side of your opponent, then followed by your gun since the only way out is up it will be difficult for them to dodge your gun's rounds if used correctly.


Keep to the skies or run in an arc shape as it takes a while to aim the bomb properly.

How to Obtain

Custom Robo V2: ?

Custom Robo GX: ?

Custom Robo (GameCube): Beat the second opponent during the "Computer Battle" tournament at the Police Station and go to a Parts Generator.

Custom Robo Arena: ?

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