Model Lightning Sky
Style Normal
Size* Medium-Small
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Can attack and change direction while air-dashing. Slow in all movements besides air-dashes. Performs only a single long-range air-dash and slowly descends.
Attack 100%
Defense 1.5
Endurance 1.5
Speed 1.5
Aerial 4.0
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Sky Dash
Quantity 1
Type Movement
Action Slowly charges toward its opponent.
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 160 (stat is 4.5)
Effect Opponent is sent flying diagonally.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Defender is a Lightning Sky robo that only appears in Custom Robo (GameCube). It is a Normal Style that is generally used by members of the Police Squad in the game.

How to obtainEdit


As a Lightning Sky robo, Defender is a very mobile glass cannon. As such, most guns with decent speed or homing work well with this robo. The Afterburner Gun is a good choice for this Robo if you want to keep him attacking throughout the entirety of his Sky Dash while the Dragon Gun is a good gun if damage is your highest concern. Lastly, using the Sword Storm Gun would allow you to fly around and fire powerful sword attacks, allowing you to focus on avoiding enemy fire instead of trying to aim.

As for the bomb, try a slow bomb to complement the quick gun. That way, you can fire your gun while the bomb is still being deployed. Try a Submarine Bomb D in order to have a slow bomb that has a lingering blast. You could also try a Freeze Bomb in order to freeze the opponent in place or a Delta Bomb for the 3 Blasts. Be careful to not fly into your blasts, however.

For the pod, try a Wall Pod. By doing so, you have a spacing tool that prevents your opponent from approaching you. You could also implement a Seeker Pod G into your set in order to prevent your opponent from hiding behind walls. Lastly, a Caboose Pod C to cover your retreat.

As for the legs, use something that boosts your Sky Dash. If you want to move faster with your Sky Dash, you could try the Booster Legs. However, they will cause you to experience a decent amount of landing lag. Another idea would be to use the Long Thrust Legs, as this will improve the distance that your Sky Dash will fly. You could also try the Ground Legs. While this might seem like an odd option, it lowers the landing lag after the Sky Dash considerably, so you could do multiple low flying attacks.

Creator: Eternal Drake, ThrawnFett
Robo Defender
Gun Dragon Gun
Bomb Tomahawk Bomb B
Pod Reflection Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
What you do is fly by the opponent, launch the Tomahawk, then immediately shoot off the Dragon. When you do it right, they will get knocked into the Tomahawk's blast, doing usually 150+ damage.

Creator: Creepysku11
Robo Defender
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Freeze Bomb
Pod Umbrella Pod
Legs Raven Legs
use this against other lightning sky robos. prevent takeoff with the gun and bomb, and if your opponent gets in the air, fire your pods. the raven legs help your air abilities.

defensive defender
Creator: Creepysku11
Robo Defender
Gun Rahu III Gun
Bomb Wall Bomb
Pod Wall Pod
Legs Ground Legs
play this set defensively. good for a filibuster. try using a smash bomb instead of a wall bomb.