Dark Star
Dark Star
Size Medium
Shape Circle
Illegal No
Description CR1: "Can you catch the appearance of enemies lurking in the jet black of outer space?

BR: "An arena that mystifies the senses. Be careful: it's difficult to guage the distance between you and your foe.

Cube Spots
Player 1 Player 2
Small cube
Medium cube
Large cube
Extra-large cube

Dark Star is a holosseum stage in Custom Robo (GameCube) and Custom Robo Arena. It is set in outer space, but as the battle progresses, the field turns dark and becomes invisible. This makes it very diffcult to find obstacles to hide behind. Also, be careful of distance because it is hard to gauge on this stage.

Custom Robo (N64)

Dark Star is the 2nd stage that you fight Shinonome on. It becomes available after you beat him on it.

Custom Robo (N64) - Holosseums - Dark Star

Custom Robo (N64) - Holosseums - Dark Star

Dark Star in Custom Robo (N64)