Dark Organization Dread (sometimes referred to as the Dread Army) is an organization that used Robos for personal gain. They serve as the main antagonists in Custom Robo (Japan) and the supporting antagonists in Custom Robo V2, appearing only in The Grand Battles. The leader of the organization is Shinonome.

Custom Robo (N64) Edit

In the first game, they were planning world domination by using the nano-machine inside Yurie. They sent Homra as a spy to investigate about the nano-machine. Gousetsu and Subaru paticipated in some tournaments which the hero participated in while Minamo observed them. At the day of the Great Robo Cup, they kidnapped Yurie and their headquarters were invaded by the hero and his friends to rescue her. When Shinonome was beaten by the hero twice, the Police Squad arrived to arrest members of the organization and the Great Robo Cup was delayed.

Custom Robo V2 Edit

In V2, it was revealed during the Grand Battles that Dread resurfaced when Gousetsu and Minamo raided a laboratory. It was disbanded once again when Shinonome was defeated by the hero at the Dread Army Base. Compared to the previous game, they played a less significant role as Goliath, a group that broke off from Dread after its first defeat, filled the role of the main antagonizing force.

Custom Robo Arena Edit

Members of Dread (as well as their robos) also made a "cameo appearance" in Custom Robo Arena as gatekeeper systems for Greybaum. They only member who was not a gatekeeper system is Gousetsu (even though Crazy Baboon appeared in the game).

Notable Members:Edit

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