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Dark Chimera
Dark Chimera Parts Screen
Model Military Prototype
Style Unknown
Size* Very Large
Classification Military
Description Unknown
Attack 10
Defense 10
Endurance 10
Speed 10
Air Dash
Speed Fast
Length Short
Type Teleport

Dark Chimera is a military robo that only appears in Custom Robo GX. It is a Prototype robo that is used by Nikaido as a last ditch effort to stop the Hero.

There exists an enhanced version of Dark Chimera known as Rising Chimera.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo GX: Dark Chimera is unable to be obtained. Imagine trying to shoot this robo out of a Robo Cannon....


As Dark Chimera has 10s for all of its stats, it should be easy for it to win a battle. However, it is large, so it is a big target.

Use its Teleporting Dash to get close to the enemy.

Default Set
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Dark Chimera
Gun Dark Plasma
Bomb Dark Bomb
Subweapon Dark Gunner
Action Chip Dark Slide
This is THE only set that one will see with Dark Chimera (as it is only encountered as an enemy). Truly hard to defeat unless if one is using AIRS.


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Plot Related DetailsEdit

To be added....


  • Dark Chimera is named after the Greek Mythological Creature.
  • Dark Chimera, Jameson and Rising Chimera are the only 3 robos to be unobtainable within their entry game (without hacks, of course).
    • However, Jameson became playable in Custom Robo Arena, leaving Dark Chimera and Rising Chimera as the only two unplayable robos in the series.
    • Coincidentally, Dark Chimera and Rising Chimera are palette swaps of each other.

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