Custom Robo GX
Developer Noise
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release 2002 (Japan)

Custom Robo GX is a video game title developed by NOISE and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance on July 26, 2002 in Japan. However, Nintendo had considered releasing the game in North America, but never did for reasons unknown. It stayed on Nintendo Power's future release list for a few years, until the release of the next title of the series, Custom Robo: Battle Revolution for the Nintendo GameCube (known as Custom Robo in North America). NOISE was also planning to develop the sequel, Custom Robo GX 2 but later dropped from the lineup in favor of Custom Robo Arena for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo previously planned to release it in late 2005 in Japan. Custom Robo GX is the third title of the Custom Robo series as well as the last Custom Robo title never released outside of Japan. The gameplay varies greatly from the other games in the series because of the strictly 2-D battle style.


Three years after the events of Custom Robo V2, a new Custom Robo battle has emerged!

A new type of Holosseums called "Zero G Holosseum" it's now the attraction for all Custom Robos commanders for battles, now called "Sky Battles". One day, Hero (Player) receives a birthday present from his mother....It's the new Ray series called "X-Ray". Now Hero, the new Custom Robo novice, goes to the Robo Center, headed by his friend Yusuke. After his first battle, they meet a girl called Hitomi who tells Hero and Yusuke about tournaments. Some time after Hero win the tournament, our protagonists were attracted by Mamoru, a member of Police Corps and the ex-champion of the last Great Robo Cup, who now is in a operation. Then, Hero and his friends were been asked to cooperate in a investigation for a certain incident that happened a month ago...


Customrobogx screenshot
CustomRoboGX 2

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