Custom Robo
Developer Noise, Nintendo, Studiofake
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Release 2004 (Japan)
2004 (North America)

Custom Robo, known in Japan as Custom Robo Battle Revolution, is a 2004 video game for the Nintendo GameCube. It is a science fiction action game, as well as the fourth title of the Custom Robo series. It is also the first Custom Robo title localized outside of Japan, which was released in North America.


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The story opens with a flash back from the hero's earlier life. The main protagonist "Hero", is a child whose father has disappeared. Before his mysterious departure, Hero's father gave him a watch, telling him to keep it safe. At this point, the game leaps to the present. In between the opening and the present Hero had received a letter stating that his father has just died. In honor of his father's wishes for him to become a Robo Commander, Hero sets out to do so - despite knowing nothing about robos. Later in the game it explains that Hero failed to join Dark Blue, a group of bounty hunters. He eventually manages to join up with another group of bounty hunters known as the "Steel Hearts", where he meets Ernest, Harry, and Marcia. A fellow member of the Steel Hearts, Harry, teaches Hero how to command robos and helps him receive his license, which allows Hero to battle with robos legally. After a few minor errands, Hero and company discover the self-guided Robo known as 'Rahu'. Later, after passing a test and obtaining a Class "S" license, Rahu's past is revealed and Hero finds out&nbsp before the time of the domed city, the world was attacked by a powerful entity - now known as Rahu. Rahu was soon damaged enough to be driven into dormancy for a long period of time, but has now awoken. Hero and the rest of the police force leave the safety of the dome to defeat Rahu again, along with the organization known as the Z-Syndicate, who are trying to control the entity for their own ends. After defeating the syndicate, Hero meets an old friend of his father's, and the brother of Marcia of the Steel Hearts,- a spy named Sergei. He originally joined the Z Syndicate to stop Rahu, but was forced to keep an eye on Oboro, who wanted to control Rahu for his own means. Eliza and Isabella, two other members of the Z Syndicate, also wanted to control Rahu. Sergei showed Hero an old recording of his father's last message to him. In the recording, Hero's father explains that he left to form the Z-Syndicate in an attempt to inform the people of Rahu's impending attack. The other members soon lost sight of his vision and betrayed him in an attempt to the seize control of the Syndicate and Rahu. Sergei then lectures them on Rahu's true history- information even Class S commanders don't even know. Centuries prior, Rahu was an invisible living entity that knew nothing but to destroy. Rahu came across a children's "Custom Robo" Toy and merged with it for unkown reasons.(Harry suggests it was doing a dive.) Now that Rahu was visible, the government used custom robo toys to make live fighting custom robos to put Rahu into Dormancy. They then picked a spot with minimal damage and created a domed city for people to live in. They erased everyone's memories and gave them fake memories of living in the dome, using memory erasure devices. As it turns out, Hero's watch is the last memory erasure device in the world. Using the watch, Hero eventually defeats Rahu, ensuring the world's least for a long time.

After the game has ended the Grand Battle will be unlocked. The robos of the steel hearts crew can be unlocked and the Secret robo Chickenheart can be found in the Z boss's room near the pedestal.

Rahu parts can be found in the outside world in diffrent tournaments and Ray warrior can be found in the final tournament featuring Linda,Ernest, Roy, Mira, The chief of police, Sergei, Marcia, and Harry.

List of RobosEdit

Shining FightersEdit

Aerial BeautiesEdit

Metal GrapplersEdit

Little RaidersEdit

Note: Little Raiders in this game behave like Little Sprinters in the other games. However, they still have the Little Raider naming convention.

Strike VanishersEdit

Trick FlyersEdit

Lightning SkyersEdit

Funky Big HeadsEdit


Burning BeastsEdit



Upon its release, Custom Robo garnered mixed reviews from major video game publications.



  • This game was the first in the series to feature FMV.
    • The Japanese Version of the game has 2 intros while the American Version only has 1 intro. This is likely due to licensing issues with Avex Group.
    • Both intros are found within the American Version's files, suggesting that they edited the game's code to not play the Japan exclusive intro.
    • Both intros are used in Trailers and Commercials for this game.
  • This game is tied with Custom Robo Arena in having the most illegal robos in one game.
    • It introduced more new illegal robos than Arena.
  • Several robos in this game borrow attributes of robos from the earlier games.
    • For example, Splendor has the same stat distribution as Shadow (when his stats are viewed from 1 to 10 instead of 0.5 to 5.0). Also, both have the same charge/collision attack.
    • In addition, some stages from the N64 titles have been re-skinned to better fit this game. For example, Sphere Station has been re-skinned into Chinese Bowl and Future Coliseum has been re-skinned as Robo's Room.

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