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This page is for news concerning both the Robopedia website and Custom Robo.

The news template is located here: Template:News

Wiki News


Regarding a layout for parts pages.


Learn more about the new demo editor here.


A wiki alliance in the works. We're now allied through the DAWN wiki "hub" in order to draw more attention to wikis for lesser-known Nintendo franchises. A link to the hub wiki is here.


New! Robopedia's Facebook page! I made this page in the hopes of attracting new users. I'll try to post updates whenever I can, so try to check it once in a while. We need all the help we can get! Oh, and much of the information pasted there will be the same as such posted here. --Limxzero


Limxzero has been promoted to bureaucrat! --Progmansp


Check out the new CRA Leaderboards page. Featuring a list of the best online players. --Limxzero


Limxzero returns. Yeah, it's rather awkward talking about myself in third person, but whatever. Back after a nearly a three month break, Limxzero has come back to continue work on the wiki. --Limxzero


New Category:Illegal Stages. This category is for distinguishing between legal stages and illegal stages. Don't put illegal stage pages in Category:Illegal please. --Limxzero

Custom Robo News


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