Crescent Bomb P
Range Long
Blast Type P
Standard Damage 85
Maximum Deployment 2, 1 air, 1 ground.
Default Position Exact enemy position.
Illegal No
Description Travels in a slow arc toward target. Moves faster when fired from the air.
Attack 6
Speed 4
Size 3
Time 7
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 85
Ground Description Moves at a medium speed, arcing over your head.
Air Damage/Round 62
Air Description Flies in a fast, low arc.

The Crescent Bomb P presents a good combination of speed (in the air) and damage. It also brings the foe up quickly, so pod and gun attacks are more likely to hit.


As with the rest of the Crescent Bombs, no need to aim. Just firing from the air decreases your opponent's dodging area, so follow up with gun rounds.


Keep on the move, but remember the position the bombs were fired at.


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