Crescent Bomb K
Range Long
Blast Type K
Standard Damage 93
Maximum Deployment 2, 1 air, 1 ground.
Default Position Exact enemy position.
Illegal No
Description Travels in a slow, sharp arc. Rounds move faster when shot from the air.
Attack 7
Speed 4
Size 4
Time 5
Down 10
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 93
Ground Description Moves in at a medium speed in at an average height.
Air Damage/Round 73
Air Description Moves in a very fast, low arc.

Because it causes a knockdown when hit, the Crescent Bomb K is used for "scaring" the opponent: he won't want to allow this bomb to hit because he will inevitably be hit with medium-strength combos which should still take good damage while he is down.

It should be noted that the ground shot moves faster than any of the other Crescent Bombs.


Fire mainly ground shots to keep pressure on. Air shots can be used, but only if needed.


Keep an eye on them; the ground shot travels slow, but don't forget about it, or your opponent could get tons of bombs in the air without you knowing.

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