Crescent Bomb C
Range Long
Blast Type C
Standard Damage 67
Maximum Deployment 2
Default Position Exact enemy position.
Illegal No
Description Travels in a slow arc toward target. Moves faster when fired from the air.
Attack 5
Speed 4
Size 5
Time 7
Down 6
Firing Detail
Ground Damage/Round 67
Ground Description Flies high up, moves in a slow arc.
Air Damage/Round 46
Air Description Moves in a very fast, low arc.

The Crescent Bomb C is quite popular among commanders who use jumping robos because the air shot on all the Crescent Bombs is probably the fastest of all bombs. As it causes your opponent to slowly rise when hit, it opens their vulnerability exceptionally well for well-timed gun rounds.


When hiding behind walls, deploy multiple ground shots. When jumping out from cover, fire air shots. With support from your gun and pod, the opponent should be properly blocked by the C-type blasts.


Be very careful when jumping. Avoid jumping straight up, and instead jump from side-to-side. Still keep a sharp eye out for the slow-moving ground shots which can make contact in mid-air.

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