Crazy Baboon
Model Metal Grappler
Style Armor
Size* 10 x 8 x 3
Cube size Large
Classification Legal
Description Can air-dash once. Tough and sturdy with great defense. Boosts power of parts equipped.
Attack V2: 105%
Arena: 105%
Defense CR1: 9
V2: 9
Arena: 8
Endurance CR1: 9
V2: 9
Arena: 9
Speed CR1: 2
V2: 2
Arena: 4
Aerial CR1: 3
V2: 3
Arena: 3
Air Dash
Speed 384 hm/s
Length 75.0 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 1
Type Attack
Action Glides slowly above the ground to home in on the enemy.
Speed 108 hm/s
Standard Damage CR1: 150
V2: 150
Arena: 167
Effect Opponent sent in low arc.
Ground Speed 103 hm/s
Jump Speed 174 hm/s
Jump Distance 37.5 in
*currently measured in inches

Crazy Baboon is a Metal Grappler robo that appears in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena. In all of its appearances, it is an Armor Style robo. It is primarily used by Gousetsu in the N64 games, but standard criminals and Cleaver use him in Arena. In addition, it has been used as an Autonomous Robo several times in Arena.

How to obtainEdit


Use the long airdashes to close or open distance quickly. The charge is useful at close ranges, but must be activated at the right time, as there is a slight stall before the invulnerability kicks in.

Sending out long-lasting blasts before charging straight through them can be a viable, albeit chancy, method of attack.

Rain Dance
Creator: Sylar
Robo Crazy Baboon
Gun Bubble Gun
Bomb Wall Bomb
Pod Acrobat Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Open distance quickly with the airdash, then fire the bomb to keep you opponent off your back. Jump and then use the pod five times in quick succession. At the peak, start firing Bubble shots, and walling with the bomb as necessary.

Dragon Tamer
Creator: Angus
Robo Crazy Baboon
Gun Dragon Gun
Bomb K-Type blast
Pod Buster Pod
Legs Formula Legs
The key is to keep your distance. If illegal parts are allowed, use the Carat Pod to make distance between you two. Otherwise hit 'em with the Buster Pod and down them with a charge or Dragon Gun shot. Keep firing away with the Dragon Gun. Should your opponent resort to using rapid charges to advance, time a bomb launch to down them, and then run. Really, the Dragon Gun is just beast, you could probably win by just spamming that.



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