Occupation Criminal
Robo Of Choice Tempest
Commander License N/A
Resides Likely in Prison
Game Custom Robo Arena

Coyote is the leader of crime in the hero's city in Custom Robo Arena. He is suspected to be a member of Greybaum.

Catching Coyote

Catching this leader of crime is no easy task. The good part is that if you manage to apprehend this vile fiend, the police squad will reward you with the X-Ray.

Note: to complete this quest you must have beaten all three of the criminals at night after receiving a Special License. The first is in the middle of Midheart robbing a man, the second can be found in front of Serene's house, and the third can be found in front of the Diorama shop in the Harbor.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you save before every fight because if you lose even one, Coyote will get away.

He hides behind NeoBrain. After you find him, you have to beat his minion and then go to Police HQ. Behind it should be Clubba, who is trying to get some buddies out, pound him and then go to the Diorama shop in the Harbor District. Stand right below the light on the left and Coyote will appear with another lackey (his name is Surly). Once you beat Surly, Coyote makes a "tactical retreat" and runs off.

Coyote next to diorama shop

Second Location

On the next night, you can find Coyote in the middle of Midheart. He then brings in Mr. Masher, who you promptly smash. Coyote then runs up into the Central District, hiding behind the clock tower and challenges you to a fight on an acid stage. You beat him, but he gets away. Head back into Midheart and enter the park. Check the flowers and he'll come out and you must fight him again. After you beat him, again, he runs off, again.

Now go to the lake located in Hillside and search. Eventually, he comes out and you fight him. You finally beat him and he's taken away. You can then head to Police HQ to get your reward.

Note: Talk to people when trying to catch a coyote and save because you don't fight him again until you find him again. Example: A random person in front of the large park says he felt in danger so he ran from the small park to the large park. Police officers will be at the lake at hill side and tell you that there are sounds coming from the lake.