Comet (Arena)
Model Aerial Beauty
Style Power (V2)
Armor (Arena)
Size* 8 x 4 x 1
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description V2: To be added....
Arena: Can air-jump twice. Highly maneuverable in air and makes tight turns. Good dogfighter.
Attack V2: 100%
Arena: 100%
Defense V2: 3
Arena: 4
Endurance V2: 3
Arena: 5
Speed V2: 5
Arena: 5
Aerial V2: 9
Arena: 8
Air Dash
Speed 217 hm/s
Length 75.0 in
Type Air Jump
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action Reversal followed by low sliding kick.
Speed 250-230 hm/s
Standard Damage V2: 130
Arena: 119
Effect Opponent blasted straight away.
Ground Speed 128 hm/s
Jump Speed 192 hm/s
Jump Distance 60.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Comet is an Aerial Beauty robo that appears in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena. She is a Power Style robo in V2 and an Armor Style robo in Arena. She is primarily used by Tamara in Custom Robo Arena, but general NPC characters also use her in both games.

How to obtainEdit



Because she is a power style robo, she is able to deal more damage to her foes than her fellow Aerial Beauties. She doesn't sacrifice too much when compared to other power style robos, so she is a solid choice overall.

Use her charge attack when the opponent is about to charge to counter their charge. Otherwise, her charge is somewhat hard to pull off.


Her combination of slightly better armor and virtually identical aerial abilities as the other Aerial Beauties makes it a popular choice for close-range aerial styles.

Comet's charge can counter direct charges (i.e. Rock Hound's). When the enemy is about to hit you, use your charge. You'll evade the damage and your opponent will suffer damage.

Power Flare
Creator: Rain
Robo Comet
Gun Flare Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb D
Pod Wave Pod
Legs High Jump Legs
Comet works well with the Flare Gun. This is because the Flare Gun's air shot travels farther than its ground shot. Since Comet has slightly less jumping ability than Luna, this gun creates a close-to-mid-range fast gun shot--perfect for trapping the enemy along with a bomb and/or pod. The High Jump Legs provide less accidental self-damage from the Burrow Bomb.

Shooting Star
Creator: X Gunner
Robo Comet
Gun Sagittarius Gun
Bomb Crescent Bomb C
Pod Double Wave Pod
Legs Quick Jump Legs
Dodge your opponent's attacks while firing the gun and bomb. Sagittarius Gun is like the Eagle Gun with more power, but slower. Generally, you should stay as far away as possible with this set. If your opponent ever gets close, use your Charge. If long-range isn't working, try to go for mid-range and fire Double Wave Pods to trap your opponent. Quick Jump legs make this set a great dodger. After firing the gun, you are pretty vulnerable in the air. Well with Quick Jump Legs, they bring you straight down to the ground to dodge any incoming attacks.



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